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Landscape design and planting process



It all starts with the phone call. There we can discuss the abstract idea of what your project entails. This is crucial as it gives clients like you a good perspective of what your project costs and what you can expect out of it.


Meeting at the Project Site

We will meet with you at your project site to discuss what you want to be done. There will be assessments of what should be and could be done with your property to improve it. It is also in this step that we discuss any limitations of the project.


Landscape design work

We will design your property with a detailed and accurate scaled drawing that shows the location of all proposed actions. Once in agreement, we will begin the process of starting your project.



Some projects take longer than others. We will find a time where we could finish your project without having any delays. Here at Quick Easy Turf, we strive to finish your project in one flawless execution.



Once the project is finished, the final touch-ups are made. Then there is nothing left except a happy customer with a beautiful landscape.

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