• Pile height : 1 1/2″ (40mm)
  • Turf Gauge: 3/8”
  • Stitch Rate : 16 per 3 7/8”
  • Face weight: 70 oz
  • Backing: PP & PU
  • Blade color: Olive green & Lemonc
  • Roll Dimension: 13′ by 100′


Landscape Lawns Playgrounds Traffic Medians Pet Areas Commercial Medium-Heavy Traffic
High Performance, resilience Excellent standing ability Natural appearance Easy installation Infill: optional

Green Natural

Green natural artificial turf is pet and kid friendly turf mimic the most natural looking surface that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its lush and supper soft feeling and natural appearance adds a touch of nature to any environment, while its durability makes it ideal for pets and kids to play on without causing any harm. This artificial turf is designed to closely resemble real grass, providing a safe and aesthetically pleasing option for families and pet owners alike.
Green Natural is lush green artificial turf of spring mimics the feel of natural grass, providing a safe and inviting space for both pets and children to play. Its soft texture ensures comfort while its durable design withstands roughhousing and endless fun. Enjoy the best of both worlds - a vibrant lawn without the maintenance worries.