Children love playing outdoor. Whether they're running, jumping, or sliding the excitement of a playground and feeling the fresh air as they exercise can't be beaten. Especially when play equipment is involved, falls are inevitable. Wouldn't you love having the peace of mind knowing your playground offers a safe surface. And your children playing on artificial turf surfaces won’t encounter mud and grass stains.

Synthetic Grass playground is safer, Long Lasting and Cost-Effective


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Why Does Rubber Surfacing is a ideal Playground Surfacing Option? 

  • The rubber surfaces provide high shock absorption and reduce the impact of critical falls and slips.
  • Unlike synthetic turf, rubber surfacing is springy, durable, and doesn’t splinter easily. This material can sustain high foot traffic without encountering significant wear and tear..
  • They can resist cracks in extreme weather conditions and are free from harsh chemicals. Kids can enjoy their playtime without worrying about allergies that cause skin irritation.
  • Comes with many colors to complement play areas and make them pleasing for the kids.
  • Rubber surfaces are water-resistant and easy to clean and maintain. They can last for over 15 years with little need for maintenance.

Rubber tiles for playground

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