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Low Maintenance Landscaping Services in Burnaby, Vancouver, Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley

Its a wonderful day and you want to enjoy a beautiful yard. But you can't seem to catch a break as beetles are eating up your grass roots, crows are pecking at your soil to find food, your local government has watering restrictions, and many more factors are preventing you from achieving the perfect yard.

You have been thinking about maintaining your yard and making it perfect. But perhaps you are occupied by family, house hold chores, and/or whatever life decided to throw at you. The good news is you can have a fantastic garden and still have time to enjoy it when you put together a low-maintenance garden.

Artificial turf can be a great addition to a modern landscape which is functional and stays looking great all year round. Synthetic grass looks like the real thing, “grows” on any surface, lasts up to 20 years, and never needs to be mowed, watered, fertilized or weeded. Just blow off any accumulated leaves or other debris.

Artificial turf can help your landscape look vibrant and keep the area versatile. Putting greens can be installed to entertain guests and yourself at your leisure. It is all kid and pet friendly. Artificial turf helps soften blows for playgrounds making it ideal for kids to play on. Combine it with a low-maintenance schedule and you will find your dream yard.

Surrey Artificial Turf lawn installation transformation by Quick Easy Turf

Artificial Turf Installation Services
Pitt Meadows Artificial Turf

Gravel and Bark Mulch come with many colors and inexpensive

Mulching is the most common and inexpensive way to make your yard look gorgeous. Bark Mulch is a product of many different kinds of trees. The most common being: cedars, cypress, pine oak, and hemlock.

The advantages of mulching includes:

  1. Nutrients are redistributed when it decomposes
  2. Vibrant colors to mix and match whatever garden you plan to make
  3. Help retain water for your garden beds
  4. Help insulate plants when winter comes
  5. Softer surface for children to play on
  6. Easy to handle and replace

Some disadvantages are:

  1. It is not permanent
  2. It can be messy with traffic or it can be carried off by strong gusts of wind

Gravel comes in a variety of types and sizes. Some options are:

  1. Lava rock
  2. Pea gravel
  3. River rock
  4. Marble
  5. Quartz
  6. Crushed aggregates
  7. and more!

Gravel, when applied properly, can achieve landscape excellence at a budget price. It comes handy for creating patterns, and establishing contrast with the rest of the yard.

Some advantages include:

  1. Prevents fungal growth
  2. Even cheap gravel can look great with good planning
  3. Low maintenance

Some disadvantages include:

  1. Dirt can accumulate
  2. Needs to be cleaned every so often to prevent dirt from piling
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Low maintenance Landscaping

Here are our projects with low maintenance materials like artificial turf, River rock and brown mulch's

Patio and Pathways are great ways to use your outdoor space

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